Yogawear Harness Set - Blue

$86 $103

Upgrade your walks with our performance wear inspired harness set. Each set comes with a comfy Cushioned Harness, a Waterproof Leash, and a matching Poop Bag Holder.

SAVE $12 when you complete the matching set.

  • Soft & cushioned harness: made with human athletic fabrics for ultimate comfort
  • Perfect fit: adjustable straps around neck and body
  • Waterproof coated nylon leash: sturdy, soft, and easy to clean
  • XS-M sets will include a standard leash, L-XL sets will include a large leash
  • Each Poop Bag holder includes a new roll of poop bags
    Harness: Nylon, Poly, Lyca, blended base, woven webbing straps, coated alloy D-rings.
    Leash: PVC poly coated webbing strap, alloy screw hooks and buckle, coated alloy D-rings.
    Poop Bag Holder: Soft nylon fabric, coated alloy hooks.
    Harness: Refer to size guide
    Standard Leash: 55 inch L x 3/4 inch W
    Large Leash:  55 inch L x 1 inch W 
    Poop Bag Holder: 2 inch Width x 1 inch Height
    Harness: Machine wash cold, hang dry
    Leash: Wipe with water
    Pop Bag Holder: Machine wash cold, hang dry
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    Size Guide

    Search your dogs size by breed or use the size chart below to measure

      Neck Chest
    XS 22 30 24 36
    S 26 36 32 45
    M 32 44 38 58
    L 38 54 48 72
    XL 44 64 60 96
    Inches Neck Chest
    XS 9 12 9 14
    S 10 14 12 18
    M 12 17 15 23
    L 15 21 19 28
    XL 17 25 24 37

    Pick a breed that is the closest to your dog

    Showing sizes for :
    Size Breed Weight (kg)
    N/A Smaller American Bulldog 27-36
    N/A Larger American Bulldog 36-45
    XL Smaller American Staffordshire Terrier 18-25
    XL Larger American Staffordshire Terrier 25-32
    M Smaller Basenji 7-11
    L Larger Basenji 11-18
    M Smaller Beagle 7-11
    L Average Beagle 11-16
    L Larger Beagle 16-20
    S Smaller Bichon Frise 5-7
    M Larger Bichon Frise 7-11
    S Smaller Boston Terrier 5-7
    M Average Boston Terrier 7-11
    L Larger Boston Terrier 11-16
    N/A Smaller Boxer 27-36
    N/A Larger Boxer 36-45
    N/A Average Cane Corso 41-52
    S Smaller Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 5-7
    M Larger Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 7-11
    XS Smaller Chihuahua 2-5
    S Larger Chihuahua 5-7
    M Smaller Cocker Spaniel 7-11
    L Larger Cocker Spaniel 11-16
    L Smaller Corgi 9-14
    XL Larger Corgi 14-18
    S Smaller Dachshund 5-7
    M Larger Dachshund 7-11
    N/A Smaller Doberman Pinscher 27-36
    N/A Larger Doberman Pinscher 36-45
    XL Smaller English Bulldog 18-23
    XL Larger English Bulldog 23-30
    S Smaller French Bulldog 5-7
    M Average French Bulldog 7-11
    L Larger French Bulldog 11-16
    S Smaller Jack Russel Terrier 5-7
    M Larger Jack Russel Terrier 7-11
    S Smaller Maltese 5-7
    M Larger Maltese 7-11
    S Smaller Mini Poodle 5-7
    M Larger Mini Poodle 7-11
    XS Smaller Miniature Pinscher 2-5
    S Larger Miniature Pinscher 5-7
    S Smaller Miniature Schnauzer 5-7
    M Average Miniature Schnauzer 7-11
    N/A Smaller Pitbull 27-36
    N/A Larger Pitbull 36-45
    S Smaller Pomeranian 5-7
    M Larger Pomeranian 7-11
    S Smaller Pug 5-7
    M Average Pug 7-11
    L Larger Pug 11-16
    XL Smaller Rottweiler 27-36
    N/A Larger Rottweiler 36-45
    XL Smaller Shar Pei 20-27
    N/A Larger Shar Pei 27-36
    M Smaller Shiba Inu 7-11
    L Larger Shiba Inu 11-16
    S Smaller Shih Tzu 5-7
    M Larger Shih Tzu 7-11
    L Smaller Staffordshire Bull Terrier 14-20
    XL Average Staffordshire Bull Terrier 20-27
    N/A Larger Staffordshire Bull Terrier 27-36
    XL Smaller Standard Poodle 20-27
    N/A Larger Standard Poodle 27-36
    XS Smaller Yorkshire Terrier 2-5
    S Larger Yorkshire Terrier 5-7
    Size Breed Weight (lbs)
    N/A Smaller American Bulldog 60-80
    N/A Larger American Bulldog 80-100
    XL Smaller American Staffordshire Terrier 40-55
    XL Larger American Staffordshire Terrier 55-70
    M Smaller Basenji 15-25
    L Larger Basenji 25-40
    M Smaller Beagle 15-25
    L Average Beagle 25-35
    L Larger Beagle 35-45
    S Smaller Bichon Frise 10-15
    M Larger Bichon Frise 15-25
    S Smaller Boston Terrier 10-15
    M Average Boston Terrier 15-25
    L Larger Boston Terrier 25-35
    N/A Smaller Boxer 60-80
    N/A Larger Boxer 80-100
    N/A Average Cane Corso 90-115
    S Smaller Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10-15
    M Larger Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 15-25
    XS Smaller Chihuahua 5-10
    S Larger Chihuahua 10-15
    M Smaller Cocker Spaniel 15-25
    L Larger Cocker Spaniel 25-35
    L Smaller Corgi 20-30
    XL Larger Corgi 30-40
    S Smaller Dachshund 10-15
    M Larger Dachshund 15-25
    N/A Smaller Doberman Pinscher 60-80
    N/A Larger Doberman Pinscher 80-100
    XL Smaller English Bulldog 40-50
    XL Larger English Bulldog 50-65
    S Smaller French Bulldog 10-15
    M Average French Bulldog 15-25
    L Larger French Bulldog 25-35
    S Smaller Jack Russel Terrier 10-15
    M Larger Jack Russel Terrier 15-25
    S Smaller Maltese 10-15
    M Larger Maltese 15-25
    S Smaller Mini Poodle 10-15
    M Larger Mini Poodle 15-25
    XS Smaller Miniature Pinscher 5-10
    S Larger Miniature Pinscher 10-15
    S Smaller Miniature Schnauzer 10-15
    M Average Miniature Schnauzer 15-25
    N/A Smaller Pitbull 60-80
    N/A Larger Pitbull 80-100
    S Smaller Pomeranian 10-15
    M Larger Pomeranian 15-25
    S Smaller Pug 10-15
    M Average Pug 15-25
    L Larger Pug 25-35
    N/A Smaller Rottweiler 60-80
    N/A Larger Rottweiler 80-100
    XL Smaller Shar Pei 45-60
    N/A Larger Shar Pei 60-80
    M Smaller Shiba Inu 15-25
    L Larger Shiba Inu 25-35
    S Smaller Shih Tzu 10-15
    M Larger Shih Tzu 15-25
    L Smaller Staffordshire Bull Terrier 30-45
    XL Average Staffordshire Bull Terrier 45-60
    N/A Larger Staffordshire Bull Terrier 60-80
    XL Smaller Standard Poodle 45-60
    N/A Larger Standard Poodle 60-80
    XS Smaller Yorkshire Terrier 5-10
    S Larger Yorkshire Terrier 10-15


    Measure from the base of your dog's neck (right below where their collar would sit) all the way to just above the top of their tail.

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    Measure around the largest part of your dog's chest, just behind their forelimbs.

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