10 Wear-More-Than-Once Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, instead of buying your dog a costume that can be only worn once, we've came up with a list of quality dog apparel pieces that your dog can wear more than once.

Here is our list of Top 10 Wear-More-Than-Once Halloween Costumes 2021 Edition:

1) King of Pop


The world may have lost the original King of Pop over a decade ago, but his legend lives on through the music he left behind. Although Michael Jackson was known as an outstanding performer, he was also a style icon still emulated by many to this day.
This outfit undeniably resembles the King of Pop in the beloved Thriller music video. The bright red jacket with black trim makes the outfit but the curly black afro and novelty sunglasses are picture-perfect accessories for a thriller night.

2) Princess Snow White

Although the Disney princess captured the hearts of children over eighty years ago, Snow White remains to be a timeless favorite. Every year, countless trick-or-treaters dress up as this classic character, and no one tires of her beauty.
The rich blue satin with puffy sleeves and delicate white lace cuffs brings out her natural charm. It is highlighted by the luscious red ribbon and trim that gives it the wonderfully iconic Snow White look. Add to that the yellow taffeta skirt and you have an outfit that truly makes this pup the fairest of them all.

3) Scottish Hunting Noblemen

This pair of gorgeous pups are wearing matching coats that boast their rich heritage as Irish Terriers. Although the camel tartan is more often associated with the Scots, the saffron detail is an homage to the Celtic’s Irish roots. The brown corduroy collar further adds some flair and casual nobility.
What sets this apart from other tartan coats is the premium waxed cotton fabric that doesn’t just make it weatherproof but also gives it a more upscale feel. Like aristocratic lads, these two dogs do look like they’re ready to run off and hunt some game.

4) Diva at the Spa

This dashing diva is ready for the most luxurious spa day. Her plush robe is undoubtedly of premium cotton meant to bring comfort to her delicate coat. It is embellished with beautiful rosettes, each handmade with peach-tinted satin ribbons. Not opulent enough? The hem is also trimmed with pearl-laden lace.
As a lavish accessory, she wears not a single string of pearls but several to create the look of a layered choker. Every faux pearl is crowned with yellow gold, making this diva even more like a princess regent and heiress to the throne.

5) British Gentleman

This dapper pup is off to walk along Piccadilly Circus wearing a Burberry-inspired trench coat. The classic fashion piece is not only practical to have on a rainy day but also reflects the classic style of the quintessential British gentleman.
The double-breasted coat comes in the signature honey-biscuit color and features faux marble buttons. The belt is fastened using a tan leather clasp and adjusts to the perfect fit. But although all this makes for a popular trench coat design, it is the checkered trim and lining the truly makes it a Londoner’s staple.

6) Runway Diva

This avant-garde madam is wearing what appears to be a custom-made haute couture cocktail dress. It is composed of a shimmery silver fabric that brings out the sparkle in her personality.
Contrasting the beautiful silver is a black overlay undoubtedly inspired by old Victorian lace. The solid black satin hem brings structure to the ruffled skirt. And, bringing it all together is the oversized satin ribbon adorned with a large gemstone. With elegance and sophistication, this pup will turn heads at the ball for sure.

7) VIP on the Street

The pups in this pack are wearing matching PVC raincoats that are hard to ignore. This V.I.P x Heron Preston collaboration get-up reflects the unmistakable style of the famed streetwear icon. The black elastic cuffs with big, bold lettering are what truly make this a statement piece.
More than the inescapable bright orange color and the perfect sleeve length, this raincoat speaks of the cultural phenomenon that mingles the popular street yet sleek style with the values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

8) Country Club Charlie

This classic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt might seem plain but it reflects the iconic style of the young gentlemen who appreciate the value of recreation and enjoying life’s pleasures. One look and you know this pup likes to hang out in between tees or perhaps spend a few hours downing drinks at the pool bar.
This debonair dog might not be dressed for a night at the club but he’s definitely ready for an afternoon at the country club. The best thing about this simple outfit is it’s easy to match with the entire family.

9) Derby Debbie

This polished pup is dressed to outshine all the ladies at the Kentucky Derby. She wears a simple hot pink long-sleeved shirt—one that features a painstakingly hand-stitched hem and cuff detail that lets you know it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind designer piece.
But as with any derby outfit, it’s the fascinator that really makes a statement. The elaborate headpiece is appropriately festive with floral details atop a silver base. She wears a matching collar and an equally ostentatious pair of studded sunglasses. All that’s missing is an icy bowl of (pet-safe) mint julep.

10) Bad and Boujee 

This fella in the Bad & Boujee hoodie is unquestionably handsome and he knows it. The rich black fabric in contrast with the gold Barocco print is reminiscent of the classic style of house Versace. The outfit speaks of elegance and grandeur yet reflects the more laidback contemporary trend.
As if that weren’t enough, the swanky dog hoodie is elevated by a blinged-up jewelry dog tag that should pair incredibly well with the popular Cuban link chains. Undeniably over-the-top but sophisticatedly so.
Dressing up for Halloween shouldn’t be a harrowing experience. Don’t stress too much about what to dress your dog as. There are plenty of dog outfits you can put together and you can even prepare matching outfits. Hopefully, these gala-ready looks will stimulate your creative juices and help you create the swankiest look for the snazziest pup.
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